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Auto accidents come suddenly and unexpectedly, resulting in critical and life-altering changes. Victims are forced to deal with painful injuries, unmanageable medical claims, loss of income and emotional distress. Even though your personal injury is a result of the physical or psychological harm as a result of the accident, little empathy is offered for the victim’s difficult economic and personal losses. Many victims are not even at fault in these accidents, yet law enforcement, insurance companies and other parties will work ardently to deny victims their right to adequate compensation.

In cases of wrongful death, surviving family members are entitled to compensation of economic and non-economic losses under auto accident law; these may include loss of financial resources, as well as the love and care of the deceased.

Car Crash Claims & Auto Accident Law

Car accidents are most often the result of negligence. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you have a legitimate case for a car accident claim. An auto accident attorney at Broderick Law Firm can review your case against the offender and give you an idea of what kind of auto accident settlement you can expect. Car crash claims and settlements depend on many variables. Typically the amount of a settlement will depend on four factors: the cost of medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and reduced earning capacity. Our car accident attorneys can explain how each of these factors is weighed in determining a settlement.

The burden of proving negligence falls on the accusing party. This can lead to tricky cases in which the decision is left to a judge or jury, who–if they determine that negligence was a key factor–will then decide what the damages will amount to and who will be responsible for paying them. The responsible party may be any owner of a vehicle (even if they are not in the car), an employer, or auto manufacturers. Our automobile accident attorneys will work to get you a fair auto accident settlement.

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